Alla Pavlova: Composer and Musicologist

"Anyone who can write music like this deserves to be on the silver screen." Jerry Dubins. Fanfare Magazine.

“Indeed, Pavlova seems to have wanted to write a symphony ( # 3 ) that could speak to a wide range of listeners, even those who don't often listen to classical music. If that is the case, then she has succeeded, and without condescension or tastelessness. This music… an undeniable balm for tired minds and bruised ears.”

Raymond Tuttle. Classical reviews on

“… this is music that is filmic in nature ( Symphony # 3 ); it could easily be adapted as the score for a Hollywood movie. To call it Tonal and Romantic, as the insert note does, is an understatement... If some Hollywood producers is reading this, grab her quick. Anyone who can write music like this deserves to be on the silver screen.”

Jerry Dubins. Fanfare Magazine.

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a fragment from my
Eigth Symphony.

Recorded with the Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra. Conductor:
Gintaras Rikevičius.

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